Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now, it begins!

Petey's Pipeline (Blog Edition) Hits the Ro . . . er, the Information Superhighway. Yeah, I know! Some of you are saying, "Well, it's about time."

Actually, it's way past time, but give me a break, anyway. I knew as soon as that damned fool made me Webmaster for the Perfect Text Web site and put me in charge of all things technical that there was going to be trouble. Well, sure enough, I was right. A deficiency of technological acumen and a critical shortage of qualified staffers mean that this blog and the Perfect Text Web site will continue to bumble along, using the same inept management style that George Duhbya Bush uses to run the country: Play it by ear, ignore reality, shun advice and deny responsibility. It’s a surefire formula for . . . for . . . for absolute disaster.

Hey, ya go with what ya got.