Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tempting Fate

"Even if an asteroid were to blot out New Orleans today, a giant squid were to topple the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow, and fire ants were to kill every human on Fire Island by the end of Thursday, the biggest story of the week would still be McCain's cockeyed selection of Palin." —Jack Shafer

Hey, I get it! You supported Hillary, and when she didn’t get the nomination, it really pissed you off. I mean really pissed you off. Pissed you off so much, in fact, that now you’re going to throw your vote to Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin to get even.

Huh? What are you thinking? How does shooting yourself (and your country) in the foot bring you anywhere close to being even? How does voting to continue, for four more years, the same failed or failing Bush policies of the last eight years get you anywhere near being close to even?

Before you cast your vote for President/Vice President in the upcoming election, think long and hard about the unintended consequences that a McCain/Palin administration might hold in store for the country. Ask yourself if John McCain and Sarah Palin are the agents of change they claim to be, and whether any changes likely to occur under a McCain/Palin administration would be changes for the better or changes for the worse.

In fact, a successful McCain/Palin bid for the White House would be a huge setback for the country, with the environment, healthcare, the economy, national infrastructure, education, and renewable energy taking the hardest hits. I don’t expect Constitutional Law, women’s rights, or anyone else’s rights to fare much better. The only changes you’re likely to get under a McCain/Palin administration are the changes that strip away gains made over the last 30‒50 years and return us to a bygone era of onerous laws and shortsighted policies, but with the high prices of everything intact.

Make no mistake, McCain and Palin will not bring the kind of changes you want to see. John “the Maverick” McCain has voted with George W. Bush about 90% of the time, and Sarah Palin is George Bush in drag. That both of these candidates are total strangers to the truth is reason enough not to vote them into office.

Don’t let your desire to see a woman in the White House stampede you into helping put the wrong woman there. If you must vote for a female chief executive or vice-chief executive this election cycle, why not vote for the Green Party candidates, Cynthia Ann McKinney and Rosa Clemente? You can help elect two female top executives with one vote, and at the same time avoid the downside of a third consecutive Republican administration.

Yes, it takes time and effort, but it’s imperative that you get acquainted with the candidates, become familiar with the critical issues, and above all that you vote with your intellect and not with your emotions. The fate of your country—of our country—depends on it.