Saturday, May 06, 2006

Patriotism? Let's vote on it!

Okay, you’re more patriotic than the next guy, right? Or so you say. In the absence of quantifiable proof, let’s put your high opinion of yourself to the test.

Are you registered to vote? No? Then how are you going to vote in the May primary elections? Oregon’s May primary takes place on the 16th. It’s possible other states hold their elections on different dates, but I don’t know this for a fact. I don’t vote in other states.

If you are registered to vote, are you planning to vote? No? I guess convenience defines the limits of your patriotism.

If you are planning to vote, have you familiarized yourself with all the candidates and issues so that when you cast your ballot you will do so as a responsible, well-informed voter? Or are you going to take the same approach to voting that other self-professed patriots took in the last election? You know! The one that left us holding the bag for the bad decisions and insane policies of the idiot cowboy that currently occupies the White House.

Of course, if you are registered to vote, are planning to vote, and are fully informed about candidates and issues, then you really are a patriot. You understand that patriotism is more than just waving a flag. You understand that patriotism also means getting fully involved in the political process.