Friday, April 14, 2006

Issue #29 & other issues . . .

Petey's Pipeline E-zine
(issue #29) is on track for late Sunday publication. Features include new business trends and opportunities, an article about a previously untapped source of energy, and the usual writing tip for do-it-yourself Web page writers.

Do I believe in freedom of speech and of the press? You bet I do, and I'll defend your right to say or publish anything you want (short of outright slander, libel or child sexploitation), no matter how stupid or foolish it is.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone who has access can become a writer and/or publisher. Lots of people who write and publish on-line claim to be editors, too, but evidence suggests otherwise. Many self-proclaimed editors seem to be strangers to the editing process. Ah, well! Time and experience will sort it all out.

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