Wednesday, April 19, 2006

There's a good reason for . . .!

When I started Petey's Pipeline Blog, my intention was to post once or twice a week on topics that would later be explained in greater detail in a forthcoming issue of Petey's Pipeline E-zine. As you can see, it hasn't exactly turned out that way. So far, I've been compelled to post daily, largely because I find blogging to be more gratifying and satisfying, and certainly more exhilarating, than trying to meet a publication deadline for a bi-monthly e-zine. In short, the blog has turned into what
Random Ramblings & Miscellaneous Musings (in the e-zine) was originally meant to be.

That’s not likely to change in the near future, especially because short opinion pieces, memoirs, and social and political commentary are particularly well-suited to subtle applications of irony and satire, with an occasional dash of sarcasm thrown in for effect.

There are different ways of perceiving reality, probably as many different ways as there are people. Most people see only a version of reality that, from their unique perspective, allows them to focus on comfortable fictions that obscure a grimmer reality behind a veil of glitz, glitter and hype. They're more concerned with the latest gossip about Brad and Jen or Tom and Katie -- or which NBA team is going to win the championship -- than they are about corporate or political malfeasance.

We live in unsettled times; global environments, global politics, and global economies are undergoing profound changes, but many people seem oblivious to the upheavals taking place all around them, blind to the changes yet to come. The raison d’ĂȘtre for Petey's Pipeline (both e-zine and blog) is to challenge popular perceptions of reality, to rouse people from their lethargic apathy, to encourage them to take off or shake off the blinders that confine them to a narrow world view. We are a society set to self-destruct, and each day brings us closer to that end.

We know who the "Hot Dogs" are; they occupy corporate boardrooms and political capitols everywhere. They've already exposed themselves and revealed, if obliquely, their scurrilous plans. Join me in turning up the heat. It's time we had ourselves a "weenie" roast.

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