Friday, November 07, 2008

Bold Career Move

As a political candidate, Sarah Palin bombed. But she comported herself admirably on SNL, and that leads me to believe that she could begin a successful new career in show business. After apprenticing as Tina Fey’s stunt double, she could segue into the title role in The Tina Fey Story. From there, she could transition into a daytime soap opera about a lunatic bitch with political aspirations, from which she could retire in relative obscurity (hmmm, Whoopie Goldberg’s movie, The Telephone, springs immediately to mind).


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Great comment on "The Rant", Phil!

Yeah, I, too, knew Bush would be bad for the country. But I thought he would be bad in the same way that Nixon and Reagan were bad. Compared to Bush, they're starting to look like the freaking Founding Fathers.

But I'm feeling better about our lovely old union tonight, Phil. I'm feeling a lot better.


Tom Degan

Phil said...

Thanks for posting your comment on my humble blog, Tom. I'm deeply flattered.

I, too, feel better about our lovely old Union, as, I sure, many people do. It's as if a palpable weight has been lifted off all our shoulders. Indeed, I'm getting a sense that the healing has already begun.